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Comfy Basics Travel Pillow

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Basics Travel Pillow

Comfy Commuters’ Basics Travel Pillow offers a revolutionary new design that provides plush support to the sides of the head and neck. The flat back head support cradles the user's head into a comfortable resting position during flights, on trains or at home. The basics travel pillow can also be used as a travel pillow or anytime neck support where stability is desired. So whether you are traveling on vacation, traveling on an international flight or need a neck support pillow, this is the pillow for you. A favorite by the Wall Street Journal puts this travel pillow in the "best travel pillow" category. This travel pillow includes an adjustable chin strap for added support is washable and made of high quality materials. Plus the travel pillow is made in the USA.

The Basics Travel Pillow offers the same plush support as the Original Travel Pillow but without the attached bag, side pocket or slip-resistant fabric. But both pillows offer the same awesome head and neck support, so you can't go wrong with either!

 This is a high-quality product made in USA.