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Travel PillowTravel Pillow Review by WSJ 

"The Comfy Commuter travel pillow lived up to the promise of its cutesy name: It is extremely comfy. This travel pillow is similar to a standard U-shaped travel neck pillow but is much more cushioned and has wider sides, which makes leaning your head against it very comfortable. The pillow engendered feelings of affection—the kind I had for my favorite stuffed animal as a kid. Velcro straps allow it to wrap around the neck fully, so it supports the chin and doesn’t slip around. When stuffed into the carrying bag, which is sewn directly onto the back of the pillow, the Comfy Commuter creates a mini sleeping-bag-shaped ball that isn’t tiny but still fits in a carry-on. When I had a window seat, I bunched it up and used it like a regular pillow to lean against the side of the plane."

"Embarrassment Factor: Low

Sleep-Aid Help: High

Packability: Medium

Setup Hassle: None"

Original Image Credit: Wall Street Journal 
Photo Credit: Drue Wagner/The Wall Street Journal


The 11 Best Travel Pillows: Travel Tested & Approved

"With a flat backed design, this travel pillow doesn’t push the neck and head into a forward leaning position. The triangular design gives great support and creates a plush insulation for you to sleep. It also folds up into its own pouch for easy storage. The sides of the Comfy Commuter are wide, which makes it hard to get back into its carrying case, but it’s great for comfort when it’s out. If you are going with this brand, make sure you buy a clip to hook the pillow in its carrying case to the outside of your suitcase. It will take up too much space stored in a carry-on bag or personal item."

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 9:08 am.



Review: Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow

"Even while taking lengthier flights, I’ve never been one to bring along travel pillows. I think I had accepted the fact that flying is uncomfortable. As a shorter/smaller female, I manage to find creative ways to curl up inside my seat during flights in various attempts to feel well-rested. I wind up bending and contorting my body into a variety of pretzel-like shapes during those hours. And forget sleeping. I’ll close my eyes, though I’ll eventually give up on trying to nap. Comfy Commuter makes really bold promises: they claim to have the most comfortable travel neck pillow on the market. When they offered to send Justin and I their travel pillows to test out, I figured that it was worth a shot."

"Would I recommend the Comfy Commuter? Absolutely! It’s the first travel pillow I’ve found that I would consider taking along on my travels. In fact, I’ll be using it for my upcoming early morning flight to Fort Lauderdale in the next couple of days to test it out. So far, I’ve really enjoyed wearing it around my neck while reading a book at night binge-watching Netflix shows on the couch. I find that it provides way more cushion and comfort than any other travel pillow. You don’t have to spend time inflating the pillow once you board your flight, and you don’t have to worry about any exploding travel pillows! Yes, apparently this can happen if you have a travel pillow inflated while the air pressure changes, which will produce a very loud banging noise…something that you definitely don’t want to hear on a flight. The only slight criticism I have is that the pillow can still be rather bulky even when compressed into the travel bag. However, I’ll gladly make the extra bit of room in my suitcase so I can have a more cozy flight."

Posted on March 4, 2015. 


Travel Product of the Week: Comfy Commuter

"The Comfy Commuter is the latest addition to the list as a unique travel pillow that provides luxuriously soft support for your head, neck and chin while you sleep. It leaves space at the base of the neck and extends up past your ears so that you’re not forced forward, and an optional chin strap will keep you from slipping through the front of the pillow as you rest. No more falling victim to the reclining seat in front of you! Your head will be supported on both sides by soft plush, so your seat mates (and their shoulders) will be thankful. It weighs just 11 ounces so it won’t add excess weight to your luggage, and it’s easily washable."

Posted on the week of February 5, 2015. 

 Pillow Talk and Go-n-flight magazine

"Say goodbye to lolling heads and awkward naps with these perfect travel pillows—tried and tested by your faithful Go staff."

"Super comfy, plus acts as a giant ear muff." 

"Great head support with absolutely no head roll."