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 Travel Pillow Reviews - Video testimonial from Lorenzo Lamas who loves the travel pillow:


Comfy Travel Pillow is the best!
By Angela C on 06/20/16  Verified Purchaser
Style: Comfy Basics Travel Pillow Verified Purchase
It gave great support for head. Pillow looks large, but compresses well. I like your product very much.

Pillow made my long flight comfortable
By Scott S. on 06/10/16 Verified Purchaser
Style: Comfy Basics Travel Pillow Verified Purchase
I have had neck problems for years and get achy after several ours and am in a lot of pain towards the last part of a flight. The Comfy Commuter travel pillow did its job and kept my head supported so I could sleep during the flight. ++++ review here. But I wish I had listened to my friend and bought the pillow with the bag. It would have made the trip more convenient. I will do that for my next trip.

You have to try this!
By Victoria Gonzalez on 04/27/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
When they said it was the world's most comfortable travel pillow they weren't kidding! It's so soft and supportive at the same time. It actually feels like a warm, comfortable hug. It is both soft and supportive at the same time, and the cover is extremely cuddly. Well designed to comfortably support your head while sitting up. The flat back is great because it doesn't push your head forward in your seat. It can be used with or without the attached chin strap to hold it in place so that your pillow does not slip while you are sleeping.
The pillow comes with an attached bag which is just fantastic because you don't have to ever worry about losing it. The bags simply hangs down the back of it inside out while the pillow is in use. The pillow is durable, washable, and essential for travel. It also works great at home. I use it all the time while watching TV! These are also terrific to take to the movie theater!

My new Comfy Basics Travel Pillow
By Christine R. on 04/20/16 
Style: Comfy Basics Travel Pillow  Verified Purchaser
This is the best travel pillow I have ever had! It has a flat back so your head and neck don't get pushed out when you are sitting in an airplane seat and unable to really recline. There is much head support which is helped by the Velcro strap. (Helps keep chin from falling)
I highly recommend this travel pillow.

Great Pillow
By Diane E. on 04/20/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
We bought two pillows and they really helped us on some long-distance flights that we took recently. We were able to sleep comfortably and didn't have any neck stiffness or pain. We would definitely recommend these pillows.

Very Comfortable Pillow
By Claire C. on 04/13/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
It is what it says it is, very comfy! Don't know what the added loops are for since there is no strap to wrap around the whole pillow when compressing it. It doesn't seem to need such a strap though. Thanks.

Buy the bag, it's worth it!
By Tanya G. 02/02/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
I have tried many pillows but this one is perfect! I folded it in half and used it when I had a window seat and it was great. Also glad I spent the extra for the attached bag--it just folds up into the bag and I clipped the drawstring on a D ring onto my carryon bag. It is a great pillow!!

Very comfortable!
By Carl M. on 01/25/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
I tried this pillow on a 5 hour trip and worked well. I'm looking forward to taking it on a longer trip in a few months.

Zzzzzz's & no drugs!
By Karen S. on 01/18/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
I avoid flying red-eye's because I don't sleep. I moved to a city where the best flight to NYC is a red-eye. I booked it and started looking for a travel pillow. I found the WSJ article and ordered the Comfy pillow. When it arrived there was a problem with one of the velcro straps - the hook side wasn't fully sewn onto the webbing. It would have torn off in the first use. I was able to fix it using a sewing machine and avoided the return process. I used the pillow on the flight and slept - amazing! I like listening to podcasts; the cell phone pocket came in handy. Because you can snug the pillow up, it cut out some of the ambient noise and gently secured the ear buds in my ears, an added bonus. When I unpacked my carry-on bag, the tension clip on the stuff sack had slipped so the sack wasn't really protecting the pillow anymore. I think the cord is too smooth, it should have texture so the clip has some purchase. I knocked off one star for production issues. A significant positive is the compact size; it's easy to manage. I highly recommend this pillow, it works.

Great pillow
By jarteaga on 01/16/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
This pillow is exactly what I wish I had when I traveled to Greece, that flight was 12 hours and I was super uncomfortable the whole time, the pillow that I had was just a standard neck pillow and once I saw this I knew that this would be the best thing ever for traveling! I can't wait to try it out on my next flight, it is very nicely padded, soft and I can tell that it will keep me warm as well, add a nice blanket and I'm ready for another flight!

Very comfortable neck pillow. It changed my whole experience of air travel
By Audrey P. on 01/03/16
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
I can finally sleep while seated in a plane, which never happened before with traditional neck pillow. I highly recommend this purchase!

Prompt Attentive Service
By Michael R. on 12/21/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
Order and checkout was easy. Product arrived as promised in good shape.

Just received and used once
By Jeffrey N. on 12/18/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
Needs more plush; head still tilts but neck hurts less. Best one I have found though.
FYI fly 150k a year

great pillow
By Bob S. on 12/17/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
Has more support for your neck and head and makes for an easier time sleeping in a plane seat.
Con: packing size is slightly larger than a standard travel pillow.
It takes about three days for it to off gas after you take it out of its packaging.

Great Product
By Jeff N. on 12/11/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
Got 1 at 1st see if I liked it, My wife said this is mine NOW and You order your Own.. So Guess what I did
so now I have 2 of them and we start a 2 month travel program tomorrow

Nice feeling of stability
By Seth on 12/10/15
Style: Comfy Basics Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
Yes, it looks kinda funny, but the pillow really does provide cushy support for my big, brainiac head, and my neck too. I first tried it while sitting on the couch at home and it worked great. You know the feeling of your head starting to bob up and down as you drift to sleep? There's no bobbing or shifting with the pillow and I have a nice feeling of stability. My head's not going anywhere.
The chin strap offers additional support, and it "locks you in" so to speak. I found it to be rather tight and you don't even need it the way the pillow is designed to fit around your neck.
I let my Mom try the pillow for her 12-hour flight to Hawaii and she seemed pretty happy with it. As for the car, my wife and I go on road trips every year and we'll be sure to bring this along. Our annual 14-hour trip to the Midwest is brutal without taking a nap.

Love the product but delivery was significantly delayed
By Debora B. on 12/09/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
I paid for the expedited delivery I ordered two pillows on November 30. They did not arrive until December 8. I'd like my expedited delivery fee of $6.95 returned to me.

Response from Comfy Commuter:

We really appreciate your purchase and apologize for the delay. We normally ship out immediately, but had a glitch in the system so we do feel really bad about the delay. Your expedited fee was returned.

Mom likes it...
By Robert D on 12/03/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
It replaces a China-made one that is not as good. Thank you! :)

comfy but bulky
By Judith P. on 11/30/15
Style: Original Travel Neck Pillow  Verified Purchaser
This worked better than those blow-up pillows or even the non-blow up ones. My only problem was that even when carefully mashed into its carry-bag, it's bulky. But it did fit in my carry-on. If you find sleeping on airplanes impossible, try this!


I bought the comfy commuter for my first European trip and then I also flew to China. I've had the traditional "donut" type of neck pillows but they do not compare to the comfy commuter. I never got a sore neck like I sometimes would get from long or overnight flights. It was a very nice relief to say the lease.


 My neck pillow saved my bacon on my last international flight. I worked great.

Love this!! Bought a pair for my wife and I for an international flight. We got a good nights sleep thanks to the comfy commuter. I recommend this to all my traveling friends.

This made our long flight to Europe and travel much more comfortable! Highly recommended.

It took me 5-6 horrible travel pillows until I found this one... While travel is never comfortable for me, this pillow is by far the best and most comfortable pillow I have used. The key difference is the head/neck support it provides and with much comfort. Other pillows either don't provide head/neck support or lacks comfort.
Thanks again
Shawna and Carl K.

Best travel pillow ever. I travel once to twice a year to Africa. The trip from NY to South Africa is 18+ hours. I'm able to sleep 5 hours at a time with this pillow

Slept on a plane for 8 hours straight in this. It is big to pack but beyond worth it in my opinion.

The pillow is absolutely soft and comfortable; however I wish there was more padding at the back. But it is fine as it is.

The pillow worked great to support my head from bobbling, but was great to support my back too when I was lucky to get the whole row to spread out.

I commute to the North Slope of Alaska every two weeks and the comfy commuter has made the travel significantly better. I recommend this to anyone who spends any time on a plane.

A great travel pillow especially when flying. Makes you forget that your confined in a small space and your in your favorite lounge chair taking a snooze. Its small and handy and very packable.

Score: 5
Review: Great pillow, saved my neck on long plane trips. I recommend getting the blanket as well.

Score: 5
Review: Great pillow!

Score: 5
Review: I purchased this for a trip to Greece and was really impressed. It's by far the best travel pillow I've ever used. I was able to sleep more than I usually do on a Trans-Atlantic flight. I would recommend it to others. Thanks!

Score: 5
Review: very happy with this pillow. Love how it folds in such a small bag for packing !

Score: 5
Review: I bought this pillow because I have a bad neck. It was a thought that if I had a pillow that would support my neck and not let it fall to the side when I napped, I might not have as much pain. So far, I'm happyy to announce that I have been able to nap and have my head stay in an upright position. This pillow is perfect for what I needed. I am thiking of getting another pillow in case I wear this one out.
Thank you so much Comfycommuter.

Score: 5
Review: Purchased a Comfy Commuter prior to my international flight (12 hrs). Pros: great support no bobble head action. Cons: a bit bulky, unable to wear my Bose headphones and got really warm. Actually worked well just as a pillow.

Score: 5
Review: We recently took a 14+ hour flight to China and purchased the commfy travel pillow to help in allowing us to gain some much needed sleep while in transit. It did a fine job of supporting my head and I did get some sleep. I heartedly recommend it.

Score: 4
Review: This wonderful pillow is comfortable and helpful not only behind the neck (where it gives so much comfort that it's hard to stay awake when using it!)

Score: 5
Review: love the material choices for both the blanket and travel pillow. Husband test drove the pillow on his recliner and loved it! Took some practice to get the travel pillow to fit in the bag, but it's all good now!

Score: 5

Review: Haven't used it yet on a flight, but tried it out at home and loved how it cradled my neck. I used it just sitting in my "reading chair" and I loved how my neck felt. I will write another Review after my fall vacation to France.

Score: 5
Review: There are so many reasons to love my ComfyCommuter travel pillow & blanket! I did my research and it really paid off! Not only is it easy to pack and carry onboard flights, it's great for using at home. If you've ever happened to fall asleep and wake up with a stiff neck, the ComfyCommuter will save you the pesky pain in the neck! Thanks!

Score: 5
Review: I want it b4 I fly on Friday

Score: 5
Review: I travel often on flights up to 15 hours in length and this makes sleeping so much easier!

Score: 5
Review: I have neck problems and have not traveled in 6 years due to my pain. I ordered the travel pillow and it worked great for me, I wish I had one for my husband. I would buy it again in the future when needed.

Score: 5
Review: I have Motor Neuron Disease and have weak neck muscles. I was looking for a neck support which would hold my head straighter and also be comfortable. This works very well. Thank you.

Score: 5
Review: I recently used the pillow on a 4-hour bus trip and it was extremely effective in keeping my head comfortable while napping. I can't wait to use it on my overseas trip this summer. Thank you for your innovation!

Score: 5
Review: I bought five basic travel pillows, one for each member of our family for an upcoming trip to Europe. Although we haven't used them yet I can say that we have all tried them on and pretended to be sleeping in various upright chairs around our house and we all agree that we will get the most comfortable rest on this upcoming trip that we've ever had! I gave each of us a normal old-fashioned "U" shaped pillow to put on directly after trying the Comfy Commuter and having that immediate contrast really emphasized how superior this pillow will be. It provides the best neck support I've found in a travel pillow.

Score: 5
Review: Love it. Very comfortable. Especially good on long car rides.

Score: 5
Review: I just received the comfiest travel pillow I've ever tried! I'm pleased with its quality. It's relaxing and fun to use it even at home, and am excited to use it in a family road trip this month :D.
The delivery of the product was also quick!

Score: 5
Review: Exceptionally quick delivery. Product has helped my 94-year old mother rest more comfortably. Thank you!

Score: 5
Review: First, we thank you for the f-a-s-t shipping and the tracking. Much appreciated. I love that the neck pillow cushions & supports both sides of the head. There's no cushioning behind the neck which is perfect - all other neck pillows push my neck forward too much. This design makes a lot of sense. Will buy more as gifts for travelers in the family. Love the design of the blanket too and love that it is so very soft. I got my pillow & blanket in grey which hides most lint.

Score: 5
Review: I recently purchase three travel pillows as gifts for State Dept. colleagues whom I would be flying with halfway around the world in coach. It was money well spent, as they all raved about the comfort of the pillows on the flight.

Score: 5
Review: I purchased this pillow for an international flight and it is amazing! So soft and comfortable, can't wait to use it again!

Score: 5
Review: This pillow can be velcro'd below the neck so that you have support below your chin - where almost all other neck pillows have a huge gap! When you fall asleep on a plane with one of those pillows you wake up with your head hunched over with no support. I've ordered every neck pillow from Sky Mall and this is the only one I didn't return. Thank you Comfy Commuter!!

Score: 5
Review: This comfy support "makes" my I am not fond of the discomfort of sitting up for 9 + hours....but what a difference this makes where my head is supported and I can at least get some shut eye, if not comfy rest!

Score: 5
Review: I think I will love it, but I am not traveling for awhile. So I don't know for sure

Score: 5
Review: The design and quality of this pillow is superior to any seen before. The advantage of knowing that had will not roll around while napping or snap if there is unexpected turbulence is a great relief.

Score: 5
Review: I haven't had a chance yet to use my pillow on a flight, but both my husband and I enjoy using it at home. Last weekend I used my pillow while lying on the couch reading, and it was definitely comfy; in fact I soon fell asleep. It will probably be a good size and weight to use on a plane, but it's not so cozy.

Score: 5
Review: When the pillow arrived I immediately tried it out on the couch. I was amazed at the instant relaxation of my neck and shoulders muscles. When my wife tried it she asked for it as an anniversary present and I had to order another one for me! The blanket also it is well worth the extra - well made. Looking forward to our trip overseas! Thank you for making a great product.

Score: 5
Review: This is by far the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used. The only issue is that it is larger than most. I think it would be helpful if it had some sort of hook built in so I could clip it on my back pack. I travel about every other week and I would highly recommend this product.

Score: 4
Review: Because the comfy commuter is the best one I have found. I have purchased countless variations of travel pillows, but never found one I was completely happy with. Just used this on a short haul trip and slept for over half of it with this pillow; in the past, I have rarely slept for more than a few minutes here and there. The only thing this one is lacking is a way to attach it to the carryon to keep your hands free while boarding.

Score: 5
Review: It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It was a long plane ride to Uganda and I used it going, during my stay, and coming home. I still use it to fall asleep some times. My friiends were very amused about my love for my comfy commuter. Best neck pillow ever

Score: 4
Review: Like the pillow also that the bag is attached. Shipping was a little slow

Score: 5
Review: Just got off a 7 hour flight from Tahiti to LAX. Don't know what I would have done without my pillow. Slept 5 hours in coach!

Score: 5
Review: Love this pillow. My husband refused to spend so much on a travel pillow but as soon as I let him borrow it for a moment he did not want to give it back. We will be buying another so we don't have to fight over this fantastic pillow

Score: 5
Review: I purchased the pillow and blanket for a trip to Israel. Although I have trouble sleeping on airplanes, the pillow was a perfect cushion for my head. I highly recommend.

Score: 5
Review: I bought five basic travel pillows, one for each member of our family for an upcoming trip to Europe. Although we haven't used them yet I can say that we have all tried them on and pretended to be sleeping in various upright chairs around our house and we all agree that we will get the most comfortable rest on this upcoming trip that we've ever had! I gave each of us a normal old-fashioned "U" shaped pillow to put on directly after trying the Comfy Commuter and having that immediate contrast really emphasized how superior this pillow will be. It provides the best neck support I've found in a travel pillow.

Score: 5
Review: Excellent service. Excellent quality. We are very happy with our travel product.

Score: 5
Review: I bought five basic travel pillows, one for each member of our family for an upcoming trip to Europe. Although we haven't used them yet I can say that we have all tried them on and pretended to be sleeping in various upright chairs around our house and we all agree that we will get the most comfortable rest on this upcoming trip that we've ever had! I gave each of us a normal old-fashioned "U" shaped pillow to put on directly after trying the Comfy Commuter and having that immediate contrast really emphasized how superior this pillow will be. It provides the best neck support I've found in a travel pillow.

"Comfy Commuter beats all other neck/travel pillows!"

This review is from: The Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - made in USA!
My husband travels from Boston to LAX about twice a month....since 2006. He has tried so many of these neck/travel pillows. I bought him the Comfy Commuter after several searches for a better pillow. He loves it so much that he actually asked me to write the manufacturer and thank them for a great product. It's comfortable, adjustable, and supports his neck for the long haul. It's a great product and it is made in the USA."
"Finally! One that works., July 19, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - made in USA!
Over the years I have probably bought 10 or more travel pillows. Finally I have found one that actually works. The big fluffy ones that you find in airport sales shops don't work unless you put them on backwards. The inflatable ones are so-so. None have proved successful to the point that I could actually sleep without ending up with a stiff neck. This one works, because it is rationally designed to cradle the head without pushing it forward. It lets the head rest naturally against the seat back, while holding the head upright and cradling it to prevent side to side movement. The attached stowage bag also drapes down the back to help resist head movement forward. Its a great, made in America product."
"Helps me sleep and relax, July 12, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - made in USA!
Having searched long and hard for many travel pillows, I think I finally found the one. I ordered this after deciding to fly transatlantic to attend a wedding for a weekend. I needed to get some rest on the overnight front end leg which you can imagine is difficult for a 275 lb person in economy class. This pillow surprised me in that I actually dozed for 3-4 hrs (with eye mask and ear plugs). The material is comfortable for long periods against your skin, something the blow up horseshoe pillows can't say.
I agree with some other reviewers that this travel pillow is bulky, it's almost like having to pack a mini sleeping bag, but sometimes you have to make compromises, and for me the compromise is well worth it."

"I am impressed with the quality of the pillow and also the compact size when rolled up. Having the bag attached makes it very convenient to take on the road. The strap connecting the two ends can be a little tight for some but it does offer good head support. Highly recommended!" Jason A. Wilson "viggense"

"My neck pillow arrived yesterday and I used it for the first time this morning. I commute from Worcestershire to Central London (2 hrs) in the early morning and try to sleep on the train. The neck pillow was outstanding, I was a very comfy commuter, thank you." Joe 3/14/12

"I used this pillow during a trip to Germany and it was so comfortable and more stable than other pillows. I highly recommend this pillow it was wonderful and helped me sleep on the plane! penngal03 3/13/12

"I borrowed my roommate’s comfy commuter pillow for two overseas trips I took recently. It was the envy of the group I traveled with! We had a physical therapist with us and she tried it on and said that it was the most supportive pillow she has come across! It was super easy to use and it did what no other travel pillow has done for me! It was so comfortable and supported my neck in all the right places. I have done a lot of traveling, I have been to almost 20 different countries, and never been so comfortable on a flight. I also used it on long car rides, and especially when I was on dirt roads in Africa, it stabilized my neck on the bumpy roads. It kept me from getting headaches and neck tension after long, bumpy car rides. I brought it with me everywhere, it fit easily in my backpack but sometimes I would just tie it to the outside of my backpack with the string."Melanie

"As you know I left the LA show with one of your pillows and I want to tell you how fabulous your pillows are. I travel a lot and have purchased numerous travel pillows over the years and none of them really help you to get comfortable enough to sleep well, that is until yours came out. I slept like a baby on my way back from LA. Your design and the way your pillow cradles the neck & head is fantastic. Even in coach where the incline is minute the comfort your pillow allows is exceptional. You will be very successful with your travel pillow design. Once it is out there word of mouth alone will have orders pouring in. Good luck and be well."

Joy, Florida "loved it! it's awesome and I used it constantly--on the plane, on the train, on the buses and shuttles! the blanket is also great and very handy--I used it all the time too esp since the a/c was on all the time. I also used it as a "cape" or a wrap! ... gwendolyn

"I took a flight from Los Angeles to New York. I fly all the time and it was the very first time I was able to sleep comfortably on the plane." LA Show Participant

"The pillow was a big hit with my mother. I have it to her for a Christmas present. She was a passenger in the car to Los Vegas [from Ventura, CA} and loved it. She used it the entire way there and back" Shannon

"...By the way….my daughter used the pillow and blanket from Palm Springs all the way to Phnom Phen….and raved about them." Chuck [travel store owner]

"In October 2008 I flew to Amsterdam to run the AIDS Marathon. I bought a "neck pillow" for the transatlantic flights. It was a junky-looking blue, it wasn't very big, ..... and I believe it cost $19, even though every iota of it said, "I cost 99 cents in China. It didn't support my head, and it kept slipping during both flights.... So I spent $19 for something that didn't in any way fulfill its function. Yesterday, Amy showed me your product. It's got a non-slip flap. It's got cushioning to brace the entire neck. It's got a strap so that it won't come off during sleep (or be forgotten). And it's got convenient side pouches. That's the product I wanted to buy. (But it didn't exist yet.)" Lee Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Really is different from the rest, January 5, 2011 " I travel often, and had given up on travel pillows - they were too bulky and put my neck in an uncomfortable forward position, and the blow up ones were even worse. A friend convinced me to try this one, and my new husband and I both took one to Italy for our honeymoon - what a difference! You can actually sleep with your head tilted ever so slightly back as the pillow supports you under your jaw and doesn't shift. I'm glad we started our honeymoon as well rested as possible after dealing with the long lines, crazy searches and tiny seats!" Talia D. Wunder "Talia"

5.0 out of 5 stars Great pillow for travel, January 5, 2011 I traveled back and forth from Europe last year and was lucky enough to have one of these pillows. It was the most comfortable pillow I have ever used for travel. It is engineered perfectly. I highly recommend this. joygruver

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Pillow, January 4, 2011 I really like this pillow. Hate the blow up ones because they're not really soft and the materials are not soft. This pillow is super flexible and versatile. I even use it to watch TV. The neat thing about this pillow is that though it is very soft, it's still very sturdy so your head doesn't lob over to one side. I like the little pocket to store earplugs when traveling. After washing, it still retains its form. Jos 5.0 out of 5 stars A little slice of heaven,

January 25, 2011 I do a lot of short jumps on airlines so don't often have a need to sleep on the plane, but when I do -- this is the guy! I'm a tall person who finds it extra hard to be comfortable in those little seats, so sleeping/relaxing in the air can be pretty difficult. Not so with this wonderful item. I also make sure to bring it on long road trips. No more kinks in my neck and it folds up so small. Tea Silvestre (Ventura, CA)

5.0 out of 5 stars Relaxation and support..., January 18, 2011 When clients sit in my comfy recliner at my hypnotherapy practice, the physical comfort helps them relax quickly and then we move on to mental relaxation. I've been offering this neck support pillow lately and find it really helps people lean back, relax and feel completely safe and supported. I'm sure it's great for travel -- on a long flight, what could be better than knowing you can really relax without fear of waking up drooling on your neighbor's shoulder? You may realize when you get this pillow delivered that it's the best travel or chair pillow ever. Stephanie Voss

5.0 out of 5 stars The most comfortable pillow ever!, This pillow is very comfortable. I've tried many travel pillows and this one lets me sleep without the neck aches. I even take it on short one hour flights and use it at home while lounging on my chair! The convenient bag allows you to keep track of it which is important on long trips. I highly recommend it. Patricia Fajardo (Los Angeles, California United States)

5.0 out of 5 stars Finally a plane pillow that really is comfy This is the third travel pillow I have used. The other two I used only once and then donated them as they were basically useless. They did not offer the support nor comfort I wanted and expected for a travel pillow. This pillow offers the support needed to allow me to sleep on planes. The material is soft, supportive, and comfortable and it truly cradles your head. Since it wraps around your face, it keeps you warm and decreases the noise during travel. The fact that the bag is attached to it is genius and allows for quick, easy, and small storage as the pillow. closes tightly into the bag. My first flight with the pillow was on my honeymoon flight of 12 hours. I've used it and have been extremely satisfied with it during numerous flights since. Jill

5.0 out of 5 stars Chiropractor recommended it, January 8, 2011 This pillow is so comfortable and fits so well. My chiropractor even recommended it. A good feature is that bag is attached so it does not get lost and pillow stays clean. I didn't get the matching blanket but I think I will try that too.LewPotato

4.0 out of 5 stars Most comfortable travel pillow in market, January 7, 2011 I used this pillow for a 10.5 hour flight, and it was the most comfortable travel pillow I've used. Don't get the kinds you blow up. The only thing I didn't like about this product, was that it doesn't have much support for the back of your neck. I had to fold those tiny pillows they give you on the plane in half to support the back of my neck. Once I did that, it was smooth sailing from there. Otherwise, this is the best pillow out there, and I highly recommend it. Keven

"My boyfriend and I go on long car rides quite often. I usually fall asleep and end up with a horrible neck pain that lasts most of the trip. I get cranky and really can't enjoy myself. I hate having a sleeping pillow because there isn't enough room for me to get comfortable in the seat. Once I started using this pillow car rides never seems so simple! I can fall asleep comfortably and wake up feeling energized! The generic travel pillows don't give my neck enough support, but this pillow really has a 'snuggle' feel to it." Courtney Louise 2/14/12


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