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The History of our Travel Neck Pillow

Necessity is the mother of all invention – and for Comfy Commuter, inventing travel neck pillows was no exception.  After one too many uncomfortable flights, founder Ana Rojas decided that there must be a better way to travel.  Her daughter Linda Hernandez joined her in the venture, and the two set to work to develop the perfect pillows for travel.

The travel neck pillows became an obsession for the mother and daughter team.  They purchased a real airplane seat to design it, and invited family and friends to test it and provide feedback. Even Linda’s one-year-old daughter would often sit on the airplane seat in the dining room and place the pillow on her head without encouragement. 

Ana searched high and low to find just the right fabrics and fill for a plush, but supportive travel pillow.  She put each material through rigorous testing to see how they were washed, dried, stretched and even burned!  Our dog Missy mistakenly thought the travel pillow her new toy. Although that particular also pillow passed the test, it was never again used as a travel pillow, but continued its new life as a doggie toy.

After making adjustments to comply with feedback from friends, family, acquaintances, fellow plane passengers, pilots and flight attendants, Ana and Linda debuted their new luxurious travel pillow that provides support for the head, neck and chin. Comfy Commuter was finally ready for take-off. 

Travel Blanket

Soon after the launch, Ana and Linda received requests for a travel blanket that would not fall off mid-flight.  A trip to the hairdresser inspired Ana to create something similar to the drape used during her haircut; with a snap under the neck, it stayed in place nicely.  She worked with Linda to adapt the concept to a travel blanket that rests over the shoulders and back.   The result is a  travel blanket that is lightweight, warm and washable. It leverages body weight to stay in place, and is contoured to avoid dragging on the floor. 

In an effort to maintain both affordability and quality, all Comfy Commuter products are manufactured in the United States.  Minimal packaging ensures a smaller impact on our environment.

Ana and Linda believe that every commuter can – and should – have a comfortable travel experience.  They are proud to offer Comfy Commuter practical travel accessories to make every flight a little more…comfy.

To contact Comfy Commuter with feedback or questions, please email or call 310-977-9597.