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The Importance of Sleep

There are many theories about why sleep is important.  Some theories have to do with restoration of the body, building of our immune system, conservation of energy and getting body “downtime”. To sum it up, we feel better when we get enough sleep. We think better, look better, are more alert, responsive and enjoy live so much more when we are rested. But we all agree that there’s no better feeling than getting a good night’s rest and waking up to a fresh new day.

Traveling can take a toll on much needed sleep. In our opinion, a great travel pillow can make a world of difference, especially during the first 48 hours of a trip. Shutting your eyes and knowing that there is a plush travel pillow to support your head and neck allows you to relax and dream about your destination. Arrive rested and ready to enjoy your well-earned trip. Just as important – use your travel pillow on the return trip to prepare for the sharing you will do!




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