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Traveling and sleeping on an international flight

International flights usually mean a red-eye flight. But if you want to visit those far away exotic places for vacation, you can't avoid sleeping on flights. 

Once upon a time, I avoided red-eye flights at all cost. I am one of those types of persons who is absolutely miserable when I do not sleep. Plus, I function at a very low level without minimum sleep – which for me is at least 6 hours per night. I can’t remember ever giving up my sleep voluntarily - even during my college years – even during finals! Borrowing time with caffeine did not work. Needless to write, red-eye flights would stress me out because I knew I would lose one whole day of my trip. But we also knew that red-eye flights are often the only option when on vacation. There just has to be a way to sleep comfortably on a flight without being in first class.       

I am pretty sure many people experience red-eye flight dread. You may be reading this and nodding your head in empathy. This was one of the reasons Linda and I designed the travel pillow. Although our intentions for the travel pillow was completely self-centered (we admit) at first--to make us more comfortable while traveling on vacation or work, we soon realized that so many others were searching for a comfy travel pillow too! Plus, I am the type of person who always wants to share a good thing with others – a true nurse at heart!

We created a travel pillow that works exceptionally well for us and cures us of the red-eye flight dread during domestic and international flights. We truly hope it does the same for you and thank you for being on our site and reading this. 

Best wishes for comfy, happy and safe travels!


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