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Planning for Cuba Trip

I am planning my May trip to Cuba! I will be writing blog articles about my trip. I am so excited to visit Cuba. I was born in Cuba, but left the country at 5 years of age and this will be my first time back.

So far, I have purchased my tickets and have applied for a Cuban Visa. The Cuban Visa cost $230 because I was born in Cuba. My Visa has to be approved by a Cuban official in D.C. It takes about 6 weeks for approval, so I am a little nervous. However, my cousin, who is traveling with me was born in the United States, paid $85 for her Visa and was approved on the same day. My aunt, also born in Cuba, purchased a Cuban Passport 2 years ago for about $400 for which is good for several years. My Visa is only good for 60 days L.

We're taking a red-eye non-stop Delta flight from Los Angeles to Tampa and are taking along our Comfy Commuter travel pillows to make sure we sleep really well during the flight. Later in the week, we will take a Charter flight from Tampa to Havana, Cuba.

We will be visiting and staying with my cousin and her family in Havana. I have never met her, but did meet her father who has since passed away. 

Stay tuned for more posts to come…


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