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Cuba Trip Planning - Part II

Although we will be staying with Family in Havana, we thought it would be fun for all of us to stay near the beach for a couple of days so I am looking into rentals in Cuba. There are a number of people who are renting their homes or parts of their homes. From what I have read, credit cards are not generally accepted in the Country although I am sure that is changing. 

I have most everything ready, flight reservations, packing, stuff to take, travel pillows for the red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Tampa. I am still waiting for my Cuban Visa to be approved and am a little nervous about that. As mentioned in my last blog, my Visa takes much longer because I was born in Cuba. For those of you born in the US, it is a snap. 

My daughter bought 18 soccer balls to give away to to kids in Havana. How fun is that!

While in Cuba I will collect information and first hand experience to share such as places to stay around HCuba, wi-fi access in Havana, how to get around in Cuba, restaurants and generally the lay of the island. If there is anything you want to find out while there, email me and I will do my best to find out.

By the way, the picture you see is my vision of a Cuban beach. Of my memories as a child in Cuba, my strongest one is of the beach and the sandbars I used to play on. Hope to find them again.


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