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Cuba Travel Experience - Old Havana

After being away from Cuba for decades, I finally went back to my birth country. Wow, what an emotional roller coaster. Because my Visa did not arrive on time, I had to cut my trip back from 7 days to 4 days. I also had to take a new airline because the initial airline flight schedule was very limited. By the way, all flights are currently through charter companies. Despite being a relatively short trip, it was packed with experience.

Overall, the Cuban people are lovely and the country is beautiful. I took lots of pictures, many of which I will share with you. Now for the details. I am not sure where to start because there is so much to tell, so I will write about my experience in Cuba over the next several weeks, otherwise it would be too long.

 First off, I felt very safe in the Cuba. I was with my cousin and her husband who live in Cuba as well as two family members from the US most of the time. But, I went off on my own a couple of times and still felt very safe. The people are amazing and incredibly friendly. There were many tourists there. My first stop was in Old Havana. Old Havana is a historically incredible place so much charm and character. Many buildings date back to the 1400's. I would like to have spent three days just in Old Havana. I saw things such as the original Johnson & Johnson drugstore with the ORIGINAL bottles and signage still up and in perfect condition. 

The main cathedral is beyond beautiful. The church is still used by the local Cubans as a place of worship. 

One of my favorite things to see was a woman selling sandwiches from a third story level. She would lower her basket so her customers could deposit their money. She would then use the basket to lower the sandwich and drink.

 Woman ready to lower sandwich.

The picture with the arched columns was take in Old Havana at the Sala Basilica De San Francisco where concerts are held. 

As mentioned, I will be blogging about other experiences including the topics listed below. So stay tuned!

  • Places to stay
  • Internet
  • Cell phones
  • Ice cream place
  • Eating in Cuba
  • Money
  • Art in ferry building
  • Toilet paper and tipping
  • Tipping
  • Soccer balls
  • Eating on the road - tamales and more
  • Beaches
  • Family home
  • Getting around
  • Delydee home
  • Two airports
  • Stores
  • Prices - Cuban verses tourist prices
  • Duty free store at airport
  • Bring your travel pillow - can't buy one there


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