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Private Rental Places to Stay in Cuba - Staying on Budget

Traveling to Cuba on a budget? One easy way to save is to stay in a private home. I visited several of these homes in Old Havana last month and took pictures which are posted below. Personally, I think the best places to stay in Cuba are rooms in privately owned homes. You get to mix with the locals and really get a feel of the real Cuba. Plus the prices are so much lower than in a hotel and you help the local economy! All of the "proprietors" were very friendly and extremely open to sharing their homes and knowledge.

Below are two great places to stay. I did not actually stay in these homes because I stayed with my cousin. However, I did walk through the homes and spoke to tourists renting the homes who were very pleased.

1. The first rental is offered by Sra. Candida Matos an is in old Havana.


Telephone (53)7878 8069

This is a beautiful very spacious home. The owners rent 2 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. One rental has an adjoining room, so it may sleep several people. I believe they will provide breakfast for a small charge. I loved this place when I saw it. This home must have been a luxury home in the 50's. They quoted me $40 per night for the smaller room (which was huge) and $45 for the double room. The price is a little high compared to other homes, but it is much larger than the others that I saw. Please note there are many, many stairs in this home to reach the living area. Once in the living area, everything is on one floor. I am not sure if they have an air conditioner. See pictures below.



 2. The second rental is a quaint and spacious home called Casa Manrique Colonial and rented by Sra Reysa.

Email: or

Telephone (537) 866 2373

I really liked this home also which is located in old Havana. This rental is on the first floor. The owners rent up to 3 rooms in their home. I believe they will also provide breakfast for a small charge. The furniture is older, but well kept. This home has a long courtyard within the living area. I am not sure if they have an air conditioner. The room charge is $30/night and a bargain!


You can contact the owners via email directly. I suggest you use Google translate to communicate in case they do not speak English.

 These are just a couple of rentals, but there are many rental homes listed on the internet. You can find more homes on airBNB or on Keep in mind that many of the rentals are on higher levels and you may need to climb 5 or more flights of stairs to get to the rental. I recommend asking as many questions about the rental as possible.

 Be aware that internet is not readily available in Cuba. I understand internet is available in hotels. Things are changing, so hopefully internet will be available soon.

So I don't overwhelm, I will more rentals in my next blog. Last, if you have been fortunate enough to have stayed in an individual home (casa particular) and loved it, please let me know so I can add it to this blog.


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