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Naked Bike Riders in Los Angeles

Okay, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with travel pillows, and I debated writing about this. However, it is interesting and unique, so here it is.

I was driving in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles yesterday looking for a certain spice to make my Cuban black beans when I stopped at a light. I happened to be the first car at the stop light and a few seconds later I saw a naked bicyclists, then ten more, then what felt like hundreds of cyclists letting it all hang out. Traffic was being controlled by police officers.

After the initial "did this really happen" period passed, I finally took out my camera and videotaped the last 7 seconds or so of the riders in addition to taking a few pictures. I wanted to back up my dinner story with pictures. 

I later learned this is part of a legal organized group that rides once a year. The 2016 ride is called the World Naked Bike Ride 2016 with a dress code of "bare as you dare". The group also has a social mission beyond the liberation of clothing.

Disappointed at not finding my Cuban black bean ingredient, but happy with the diversion, I went home. Here's a video in case you wanted to see additional bare details.

All visuals were tastefully taken  from the rear.

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