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3 Features of a Great Travel Pillow

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A really great travel pillow has a three must have features. The job of a travel neck pillow is to hold up the head so the traveler can relax and fall asleep. So here's a few essentials to look for in your travel pillow.

1. First and most important is head support. A good travel neck pillow will support the head and neck so that you can feel safe enough to relax neck muscles and sleep comfortably. A truly great travel pillow will support the sides of the head starting at ear level. 

Test your travel pillow before your trip by resting your head to the side.  If your head remains steady, then you have a good travel neck pillow. If your head falls to the side, you are not supported.   Use a recliner (slightly reclined) to simulate an airplane seat, if possible, for this test.

2. Plush & soft– A good travel pillow is not only supportive, but it must be plush and soft during the ENTIRE flight.  

Test your travel pillow before your trip by sleeping with it at home before your trip. 

3. Convenience- Although a good travel pillow is worth its weight in gold during a trip, it must be convenient enough to take. Your travel pillow should have a method to either make it compact and/or to secure it to your luggage.

Comfy Commuter designed it's travel neck pillows with these critical elements in mind. Check out our travel pillow for more information.  


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