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Puppy Verses Adult Dog Adoptions


Those of you who know me know I am an animal lover. I have adopted and fostered many dogs in my life. I recently came across a group that rescued a mama dog and her 9 puppies. They found loving homes for all the puppies right away so they asked me to foster the mama, Savanna, until they found a home for her. She is a large calm, graceful dog with beautiful long legs, a friend to cats, dogs and people. Her personality was fully formed at her youthful age of 18 months and I could tell she would be a wonderful companion to anyone.

In spite of all her wonderful traits, she was rejected. People wanted puppies! I could understand on an emotional level, but not intellectually. No matter how cute a puppy is, they are a lot of work. They will chew up your things, poop in the house and keep you up at night. So why would anyone choose a puppy over its 18-month-old gentle mom? The puppy would look much like the mom in 10 months. But their personality would not develop fully until then also, so it’s a gamble on what you end up with. Me, I go with the adult dog any day of the week, but obviously, I am not in the norm.

This blog does have a happy ending! Savanna’s new owner is a lovely lady with a beautiful home and a back yard. They bonded right her right away and I might have been a tinge jealous that Savanna gave her kisses at the first meeting. I am forever grateful that this woman opened her heart and home to a full-grown dog.

So what does this have to do with travel neck pillows? Nothing at all. But when you buy my pillow, you contribute to my financial ability to help rescue and foster dogs. It's simple. Thank you for reading this. 


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