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Travel Pillows Made in the USA

Many people ask us why we make our travel pillows in the US. They say our profits could be so much higher if we outsourced. Our answer is multi-faceted.

First off, we are about to control the quality of our or travel pillows in the US much better than if we were to outsource. We want to have the best travel pillow in the market and making them locally allows us to make minor changes to improve our pillows as well as monitor quality.

Next, there is our commitment to supporting our US economy. Not only does the business help the manufacturing factory, it also helps support our suppliers. For example, the boxes we use to transport our travel neck pillows are manufactured in the United States. Some of the textiles we use to make our travel pillows are manufactured in the Los Angeles area.

It's a great feeling to visit our manufacturers and suppliers, see people sewing our travel pillows and know that we are contributing, in our small way, to helping support these small businesses.

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  • Sherry Click

    I love your attitude about oursourcing. We do live in the USA so we should be keeping our work right here.

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